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IBZ is an expert in determining the energy leakage of any kind of buildings. We will analyze the outer parameter of the building as well as the structural and architectural features of the building inside-out. For a nomal building (family buiding approximate 150 sq.mtrs.) this excercise can take 2 - 3 hours. Once we complete the investigation we will advice the correct measures to rectify the problems existing in the building to avoid any future energy loss.

The Process is quite simple :

  1. IBZ will give a primary quote for the initial investigation.
  2. The IBZ will submit initial report and the rectification process.
  3. If the client needs an exhaustive investigation in the same building we will initiate our advanced techniques with a minimal cost.
  4. IBZ will acquire the A LEVEL ENERGY PASSPORT* for the building.

Why IBZ is the best in energy consultancy?

IBZ have more than 3 years of proven experience in Energy Consultancy. Our Engineers and Architects are equipped with advanced techniques and realtime experience. The clients range from Industrial leaders to individual vllas.

The clientele is so diversified ranges from Real Estate, Big Shopping Malls, Government Buildings, Schools, Universities and owners of medium and small sized buildings.