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Thermal Graphic Imaging & SurveysThermal imaging is becoming more commonly used for all areas of life. ie. technical maintenance, building and energy investigations and medical (human and animal) use…

Thermal imaging is the process of using an infra-red camera that can look at an item of equipment and detect a potential problem by way of heat in the form of Infra Red energy waves. These waves are invisible to the naked eye and the camera can show variations of heat between associated items of equipment indicating potential failure or down time. The survey will identify the temperature ranges that the plant is achieving and allow the Maintenance Engineer to check whether these items are working within the design parameters.

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Overview of thermographic applications

we use:

Building thermography and leakage locationFor precise and definite results of building inspections even during seasonal weather conditions, thermographic camera provide the highest thermal and geometrical resolutions. Thermographic camera applications include building insulation monitoring, quality control during the construction phase, detection of leackages and hidden construction elements.

Process optimisation and quality control
Temperature is a main parameter, which needsto be controlled and monitored to ensure the efficiency and security of technological processes. Due to its non-contact and image-providing characteristics. thermography solutions are ideally suited for off-line measurement activities in process optimisation and quality assurance

Predictive maintenanceThermography is increasingly used to improve the reliability of plants and installations and consequently enhances the efficiency of asset investments.

Medicine – thermologyThermography is increasingly used in medicine and related areas. We are able to identify even the smallest skin temperature changes, which could be caused by underlying issue